"I would often open my cupboard and despite loving shopping, have nothing to wear. Deborah came and did a Home Visit and solved this problem for me. Some items were despatched to Oxfam, and a few new pieces came in at her suggestion (including an edgy Zadig and Voltaire jacket I adore).


My wardrobe is now more organised into work and leisure outfits, with many pieces crossing between the two. I also have a better idea of what works for me.


Deborah is lovely to work with, my new look makes me feel younger and thinner, and I’ll definitely be booking a Seasonal Refresh!"

Mary Alexander

"Deborah has become my secret weapon. 


Calm, knowledgeable and with a gorgeous warmth that instils confidence.

I’m still getting compliments on the electric blue sneakers Deborah teamed with a floor length silk skirt for backstage at the BRITs. 


I hugely value her time, and wish I had more of it!"

Hannah Strickland
Projects director

"Deborah offers just the right clothes to express who I am and what I do"

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH


"Deborah put so much hard work and effort into preselecting so many lovely pieces for our styling appointment. 

They suited my lifestyle and figure type - as a designer she understands how to find clothes that flatter and fit and look stylish. 

She explained that it might take time to build a new ‘look‘ and wardrobe, however I am happy to invest the time as I loved the experience.


Deborah is so understanding and so very passionate about her job which makes all the difference."

Maha Ladki

"As a new and fairly young-ish mum of two and a business owner I contacted Deborah to book a personal styling appointment. 

Deborah called me before the actual appointment to get the lowdown on what I was looking for. From our first conversation I knew we were on the same wavelength and Deborah was extremely understanding of my lifestyle. 

I have since had two sessions with Deborah in London, and a ‘Home Visit‘ where she looked through my current wardrobe with me. 

After playing around and creating new outfits she made several suggestions of missing pieces she felt would further enhance my style and complete some of the looks. 

I am now in touch with Deborah and every time I ask her to find something for me she delivers incredible service without any pressure. For someone who is extremely time poor Deborah is a breath of fresh air and I know she is someone I will always be in touch with."

Mrs Julie Jones
Company director

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